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Our philosophy is to provide high quality AV and control systems that are both easy to operate and cost effective. We work with architects, property developers and individuals alike to bring integrated technology to any development.

Audio Visual We provide TV systems & masts for Sky+ HD, Freeview & DAB Radio services. Entertainment systems such as our audio system allows music to be sent to each area using an iPod Touch, iPad, iPhone or any Mac/PC running iTunes. Rooms can receive the same audio source at different volumes or conversely you can have a different audio source playing in each room. For example you can listen to crystal clear internet radio in the kitchen while someone else plays their favorite song in the lounge. The system allows each room to receive audio from compatible sources such as Apple TV, Mobile Applications like BBC iPlayer Radio, YouTube etc.

Heating System Knowhow We supply & install various heating control systems that are able to interface with any installation from simple to sophisticated multizone heating applications. On complex systems our solution allows for every area of a property to have its own heating zone, each zone being controlled via a local touchscreen thermostat. These thermostats digitally display the rooms temperature & allow you to select the required temperature using the built in touch screen. From here you can also tell the system to maintain the rooms current temperature, set a holiday period for the system, alter the 7 day heating program for each room and also lock the thermostat to prevent unwanted changes. Located in the hallway will be a ‘TouchPad’, this is the brain of the system. From the touchpad you can alter any of the properties thermostats, rename each zone, alter the 7 day program for each zone, set a holiday period for the system, view system usage information etc. The whole system can also be controlled remotely from an iPhone, iPad or PC/Mac connected to the internet. So from your phone at work or on holiday you can: turn the whole system off/on, alter individual room temperatures, set the holiday period, view individual room temperatures etc.

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What Our Customers Say About Us

We have been working closely with Mastronik for many years now. In fact, I have known Andy for almost 25 years. Their attention to detail is extraordinary. This, coupled with boundless enthusiasm and a very good sense of humour makes using Mastronik not only a good business choice but a real breath of fresh air. CA, Production Manager - Telecommunications manufacturer
'Mastronik Systems Ltd has been manufacturing our board production for the last few years, and of late some of our cable assemblies as well. The quality of the products supplied has been exceptional and the level of services received has been excellent. I think the thing that sets them apart from the pack is not only their very consistent quality standards, but also the friendly help and input given in assisting us to continue the improvement of our products. I have no hesitation in recommending Mastronik Systems.' MS, Operations Manager - Control Systems manufacturer
'Mastronik Systems Ltd manufacture the boards for all of our ........ range of products. The service is always great despite my very unreasonable requests from time to time. Mark is always happy to help. Keep up the good work' AA, Purchasing Manager - Entertainment and leisure sector
'I would really like to thank you for your excellent service and help during the build of our new home. Our particular thanks to Tom and Jim for the hands-on stuff, but also to the whole team for all their assistance in bringing the project to such a brilliant conclusion. I have no hesitation in recommending Mastronik Installations to others. Thanks again, chaps.' TD Bedford
'I am pleased to say we have now completed the first phase of the office and workshop build. As I mentioned to Andy, we are delighted with your company's attitude to business and look forward to working with you on phase two of the project in the coming months. If the other trades had responded in the same way I would have less grey hair!' JT Greenford

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